Sunday, May 27, 2018

A Rogue's Night In BFA Beta

I'm doing that thing where I rotate my characters a level at a time.  Tonight was my Assassination Rogue.

I thought I looked at each character before sending them into the introductory scenario, copying what skills and talents the live version has.  My Rogue seems to have fewer skills, somehow, I have to double check.   Compared to Live, each of my classes have felt "squishy".   They never feel as powerful to me as those live characters. 

Why haven't I made a Worgen Rogue before?  She has the Rogue and Worgen speed boosts (I call the Worgen one "scootie foot"). 

She's working in Stormsong Valley, a really pretty area.  Each of the areas of Kul Tiras are very influenced by the sea and something gone very wrong.  I find the leader of this area, Lord Stormsong, to be very buffoonish.   I know, who's talking, right?

The Rogue is my Leatherworker/Skinner.  I found enough materials while questing tonight to make a single item.  The crafting feels more like classic crafting rather than the "got you in a vise grips--don't try to make anything" Legion.

When you skin a creature, you get a pile of stuff:  Stringy Loins (!), Tempest Hide, Calcified Bone, Blood Stained Bone, and Course Leather.   I love getting a treasure trove of useful stuff like that.

She got in two dungeons and acquitted herself well.   Waycrest Manor and Shrine of The Storm were tonight's  selections.   Waycrest was pretty breezy but there was a spot in Shrine that was a problem, though I haven't seen any other group have trouble there.

I've been wanting to write about Battle For Azeroth Beta, but am wary that people will think it's too spoilery.  I'll try not to be spoilery.

When I first heard about BFA, I thought Oh, no, it's the PvP expansion.  I'm sure there is plenty of opportunity for those who want to fight it out, but I haven't run up against anything at all myself, which makes me really happy.

I'm wondering if I tend to like every other expansion.  I loved Draenor (maybe because I never let myself be a slave to the Garrision), and I love this one.  It has the best storytelling and quest writing I've seen in quite awhile.  Each area has all these little vignettes that flow nicely into the larger story.

Remember all the annoying kids in Pandaria?  Nails on a blackboard voices?   There are lots of kids in Kul Tiras, but except for one, they're great little adventurers. 

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Death Knight: From Puny to Powerful

Behold my favorite Death Knight.   She went yesterday from getting just pounded in Draenor (the only character I've had who at level 100 could not beat the ratty guy with the shipyard plans at the Iron Docks.  Could not survive the fight.

I've been working on her now and then and could not get her item level up.  I made her what I could.  I had my money bags Druid look for armor for her on the auction house---nothing!   So painful even at level 100 working through Gorgrond, ack.

She got the invite to the Legion series of scenarios at level 98, I think, but I knew no way.  Still puny, for some reason yesterday I sent her to do the scenario at the Broken Shore, which I was sure would be a deathfest.  She never died once.  Whoo hoo, four other people in the scenario.

Some improvements in armor, and why not try the Death Knight artifact weapon quest.   She'll just die and crawl back to Draenor.   No, she lived!  It was the easiest of the class sets I've done.  Also, very cool.  I think it was in Ice Crown Citadel, someplace I've never been before.  There were timed sprays of stuff.  It was a bit like a puzzle.

The Order Hall, meh just Archerus: The Ebon Hold.   It makes sense, but it could have looked cooler, been jazzed up a bit.

Off to Azsuna.  No problems.  From low 500s ilevel to 643, just need to do a few quests and she'll be in the dungeons and sailing along.

By the way, at nights end, I went to my Garrison, flew to the Iron Docks,  and beat that little ship (builder). 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Welcome to Star's Rest, Naboo

After months of trying, I placed a player city hall on Naboo, in a lovely spot near a beach and some mountains.  There are few places lovelier than Naboo.

Just as I'm really enjoying the Wow beta, this incredible opportunity arose, and the snow finally left and their is real sunshine out there in the real world.  Too many great things at once, perhaps.

Still, there is no game ever created where you can live out your dreams as you can in Star Wars Galaxies.  

Here are the details

You're most welcome to join us.   Yours Truly, Mayor Lightrunner.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Battle for Azeroth Beta: Voice Chat

In an interesting turn, I dug out my headset and set it up to try Voice Chat in the beta.  It is easy to get ready, but it seems no one is using it.

There was, for the first time "one other person in the channel" last night.  I was doing the Battle of Lordaeron with my Paladin, and there was a decent sized group--at least ten people.   Though I've been dying to try it out, I did not connect because in the chat a couple of people were discussing Anduin and Jaina and boning.  Yup, it would be my luck that the only person also testing Voice would be Boneman.

As opposed as I usually am to Voice from previous experiences, I think, and hope in the situations like dungeons, Island Adventures, maybe Warfronts (tested only once so far and I missed it) and yo, even raids, it would be really useful to communicate information and strategy related to the game.  Ideally no opportunity for politics or other unrelated blah blah blah jabber could slide in.

Will let you know if I get a "live" one.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

It's All About The Gnome

I had a great couple of weeks in BFA running a simulacrum of my live Druid.  I'd have been in sooner, but didn't see the invite.  So close! I got her to 117 and in a day or so would have maxed the character, but an update sidelined her, and she was mostly unplayable.

So I made characters matching the "Fabulous Five" who are 110s on live working on reputation and ilevels.   Then I thought I should bring in a Discipline Priest like my live character.  She's my jeweler and the only crafter not leveled up.

I played her through the Lordaeron scenario and she did really well, no deaths!  Then I sent her out into Tiragarde Sound to see how she did solo.  No problems!

Boom! Alpha is done and it's beta time.  Character copy from live is on the way.  I could just work on one character solo to kill time.  Or, I could recreate the characters I'd made for alpha and let those be my characters who worked through this content, so it is still all new for my live folks.

So they're all back!  I've run my Druid, Fire Mage and Discipline Priest through Lordaeron, and will get everyone else though.  Most are playing pretty identically to my live characters.  I liked a couple of them so much I made "copies" of them on live, name, class, race, professions.

I previously didn't have a reason to pre-order Battle for Azeroth, but now that I love the way my Priest plays, I pre-ordered today so she has plenty of time to work on ilevels.  

She's boosted from 83 to 110 and has really beautiful armor and is ready to take on anything.

Love my gnomes.

Monday, April 9, 2018

New Out Of This Realm Podcasts

I've updated the Out of This Realm Podcasts list.  New podcasts just keep cropping up.

I particularly like The Starting Zone, about World of Warcraft.

Cane and Rinse   a team that talks about games they've decided to cover for the podcast, and everyone plays through it and has an opinion.

The AIAS Podcast  with in depth interviews with developers.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Wow Dreaming

I've been playing waaay too much for a couple of weeks now, and it has gotten into my dreams.

So two characters who have a long history and might be lovers or might be enemies agree to meet in a big cave.  Thinking the current video with Anduin and Sylvanas got in my head.   I overhear their conversation, as you do in a game.  I decided/was compelled to go to the meeting place, hide, and see what occurs between them.

The female ports in not far from me.  The male comes riding in on a low rider motorcycle, down the precarious cave path.

They look like EQ2 Halflings once they're standing next to each other, though I would have thought one an elf and one a dwarf prior to this meeting.

Suddenly they begin talking and I see things are going to go south.  I need to get out of there quick before I'm discovered. 

In my purse!!!! is my toolbar of skills on little tabs of paper.   I look desperately for the Flight Master's whistle which will get me out of there fast.  Bonk!  There's a missing piece of paper right where it should be.   I have to use my Hearthstone instead which has a looong channel.  The fight nearby intensifies, I'm running out of time and one or the other will be over very soon to kill me!!!

Luckily I woke up.

The end

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Legion Dungeons in (My) Nutshell

Happiness is...questing while queued for dungeons.   Late in the game I've discovered I really like pretty much all of the Legion Dungeons.  A lot.   As soon as I bring up a character, I queue them right up.

I'm only missing Cathedral of Eternal Night, which my druid could get but never comes up as random.  Seat of the Triumvirate  which I'd need to slog further into Argus to get.

One morning, swilling my coffee, small summations of all the Legion dungeons popped into my head.  I wrote them down, or they'd be floating around in the brainless nether with all my other posts.  Not dungeon reviews, no, sort free association.   There are just a few screenshots, but I'm usually trying to keep moving and stay alive so, no time for picture taking.

Darkheart Thicket     What's with the keyhole???

Vault of the Wardens      F*$%@!^   elevators!

Eye of Azshara     Hate you, Serpentix

The Arcway    Time's up!

Blackrook Hold     Boulders!   Stairs!

Court of Stars    Kill the spy, please.

Halls of Valor     A Noble Thing.

Neltharion's Lair     Wheeee!!! Water Rides!!!

Upper Return to Karazhan      Alice in Wonderland in Space

Lower Return to Karazhan     A Night At The Opera

Maw of Souls    Quick and watery, yo ho.

Violet Hold     Trapped in a box and bored.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Wow Atherne Ascending

Tonight I got Good Suramaritan and Loremaster of Legion with my Druid.   Just need Broken Isles Diplomat  (At Honored with everyone except the Wardens) and 50 more unique World Quests and see me and all my girls fly.  :)   :)

Last night I spent a lot of time on Argus.   My hope was to get some gear upgrades, but zero so far.  I have one story set to complete there.  The story line is appealing, and there are some puzzles, lots of variety.

My armor level is stuck at 883.  I'm just not finding better stuff than I have.  Tonight I did a few Heroic dungeons but they're 870.  Hmmpf.   I like the dungeons though, but must find another way.

Someone suggested LFR.   Hmmm.   I really have to take a look at those before I'd want to go in, but if it's the only way, in I go.

Time to drop down to some of my other characters.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Thought I Was So Close....

I am a little obsessed for some reason getting Pathfinder for Legion.   I know it's doable, though a royal pain.   Still, every time I think I'm closing in on Good Suramaritan, I'm apparently nowhere near getting it.  It's a mirage!

Yesterday in sequence I did:

Court of Stars Dungeon     Not so bad as I feared, because the group knew where to go and what to do.  My job was not to get lost (which I did twice!!! agh, briefly, but I was all panicked), and to fight whatever the tank was fighting.

The Arcway Dungeon      Again a good group, no huge pull-the-rooms, the tank knew where to go, it seemed like a long slog of a dungeon but it went off without a hitch.   For me, it is much easier to do a dungeon for the first time if everyone else knows what to do and where to go, and that the tank doesn't pull the room, than what anyone's gear level is. You can work your way through anything with knowledge and skill, power alone will more likely result in everyone dying, and fast.

The Emerald Nightmare Raid    Xavius

My first raid experience ever.   I read about it and as usual there are all these unhelpful sorts saying it's EZ.   Implying you're a low life useless scum who should just do it, and if you can't, you reek.   Thanks, forum trollz.

It actually was simple.  You queue as you do for a dungeon, and then you're in a big room with a bunch of other people clustered in the dead center.

It looked from the raid list like there were two tanks and a billion DPS.   Around the outside are a bunch of imps. They attack, you fight them.

Then there are two more waves of larger demons which appear from the misty edges of the room.   Fight them.

Then Xavius pops out (didn't take a screenshot for some reason) and you fight him.  He seemed awfully easy.   Any mechanics were unnoticeable.

Once he's dead, you're popped out of the raid area and you turn in the quest and get the rewards.   

I thought it was interesting you could choose the particular section of the raid you needed so you didn't have to slog through the whole thing to get your quest completion.

I return to the Nightfallen base in  Meredil, thinking maybe this will be the end of these quests and I'll have good Suramaritan grr but no, I have a bunch of portals to open, then worse upon worse, I'm supposed to do some leisurely surveying in Suramar City.   Kill me now.

I had to step away and work on some World Quests, and look for some of the other Pathfinder objectives before I go back and work on those.

I'm working on the Broken Shore as well.  I thought it would be more like Tanaan or Timeless Isle but it doesn't feel like those at all, just kind of open and empty and boring. 

I did peek into Argus as well one day, and I liked it much more than Broken Shore, but I need to make more progress on the Isles first.